This is a general overview of how the design process will typically go.

Web Project Survey

To receive your free no obligation quote for your design project, please fill out the web project survey. The more information we receive about your project, the better we can serve you. Information should be filled out to the best of your knowledge. The more information you provide here, the less questions you’ll need to answer later. We will provide your free quote as soon as possible.

Web Design Brief

Once we get a green signal to proceed our Team will request you to complete our design brief. Please be thoughtful when answering, as an accurate detailed brief will ensure the best possible design outcome for your website. This is actually the most important part of the entire project. Getting this stage correct is key.


We design your website from scratch. We start with a blank canvas and create it completely from the ground up. During this stage we rely on your feedback as we present you with the design mock-up.

Mock-up Revision

We supply up to a maximum of 3 revisions (further revisions can still be made at a later date but will be billed at our hourly rate). Once a final design is approved for all pages/sections, we move on to the next stage.

Web development

Once your team has approved the overall look and feel of the design, we get started on building out the actual pages. This is the stage where the code is written. and when we setup and integrate any database, CMS (Content Management Systerm) or eCommerce components. This stage usually takes the longest and is complete only after thorough user and bug testing.

Final Revision

Once all pages are developed and the content is in place on the website, you will need to make a comprehensive review of the website to address any last minute tweaks or changes. Upon final approval of the website, SmartWeb will upload the new website to the site’s web server, thus making it “live” on the web. At this point, the website contract is completed and any additional changes or tweaks thereafter would be billed at the hourly rate.

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